Row Row Row Your Boat

This past weekend I tried Row House, which as the name implies is a studio that solely dedicated to rowing. The rowing machine has always intimidated me at the gym, mostly because I constantly do it wrong. I’ve always thought it was an upper body work out and I try to pull that thing with all the upper body strength I have (aka none). They explained at Row House that rowing is about 60% legs, 30% abs and 10% arms so not all arms like I previously believed.

I tried the full body work out which consisted of warming up on the rowing machine and alternating between rowing and lifting weights. Once I started rowing I didn’t find it as intimidating as I previously thought. At Row House the goal is to move as one boat, all rowing together. I followed the teacher and tried to match her pace, focusing on form rather than speed (per my dad’s advice). The weight portion focused on all the body parts that I neglect at the gym- meaning chest exercises, the ones you’re supposed to do if you don’t want your boobs to sag to your knees. I left exhilarated and was definitely sore for the next few days.

After class you get an email with your class stats, you can see mine below (not too shabby for a first timer):

I liked the format of the class and even though it was low intensity I felt like I got a good workout in. I will definitely be back!

Have you tried rowing? Let me know!

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