Alo Leggings and Sky High Yoga

One of my New Years Resolutions was to blog every month right now we’re at once a season and honestly one of my biggest blockers is photos. I’ve been stressing about my photos not being good enough for blog worthy content but I think this one of those shit or get off the pot situations so here we go.

I’m constantly in the search for leggings, I have short legs and thick thighs so finding leggings that fit and don’t fall down is a miracle. I bought a pair of Alo leggings earlier in the fall and I’ve wanted to fall in love with them but despite my best effort I haven’t and here’s why.

Alo makes aesthetically pleasing leggings, they look good on the rack and look good on your legs however it’s rough out there for us short girls. I’m only 5’2″ and most leggings are too long for me so I either bunch them at my ankles or look like I’m a child playing dress up. I bought the crop version of the leggings and they hit almost at my ankles, which means I would have completely have drowned in the normal length. I’m unaware of petite leggings ( if you know, let me know) and for me this is a constant struggle. No one wants the bunched fabric at the ankle, it’s not attractive and although hemming is a thing it frequently cuts off in the wrong spot.

I’m part of the yoga club at my office and we got up bright and early to do yoga on the sky deck of the Sears Tower ( I know it’s called the Willis now, but I refuse to change) I wore my Alo leggings for the occasion. Alo leggings are designed for yoga so in theory they should stay up during a workout, right? Wrong, these leggings constantly roll down, you’re mid downward dog and realize that you’re leggings have slid down and shirt has ridden up so now you’re non-summer body is exposed, it’s not pleasant. For $80+ a pair you’d think they would stay in place but at least for me they slid down.

Here’s my rating for Alo leggings:

4 out of 5 for style: while cute I’m annoyed that I can’t wear the normal length pants and have to wear crops which are a weird length

3 out of 5 for usability: They slide down during every workout I wear them to which is the last thing I want to worry about during work outs

5 out 5 for comfort: overall the fabric is soft and they’re pretty comfortable to run around in

3 thoughts on “Alo Leggings and Sky High Yoga

  1. Love this! And at 5’3.75, I totally agree with you on fit issues- trust me it’s worse when I try mid-move to pull my shirt down. Great poses, keep posting!

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  2. Thanks for the rec!! As a 5’4 person, I occasionally suffer from baggy ankle leggings and it’s not a good look. Will definitely need to try these out! ❤️


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