All in on the Peloton

I’ve been a subscriber to the Peloton app since early 2020, initially downloading it thinking it’d be great to use while I was traveling for work; little did I know that it would become my go to workout for the next two years.

The Peloton app has expanded its offerings significantly over the last few years it now includes boxing, pilates and barre classes along with the original set of cycling, yoga, strength and running and all for a mere 12.99 a month (app without bike). I have personally been a big fan of their yoga classes as I’ve been trying to master a handstand and generally have poor balance. Something about being in the comfort of your own home makes it easier to try and fail doing side crow vs doing it in the studio.

I had been holding out on purchasing the actual bike as 1) I’m a SoulCycle loyalist and 2) I couldn’t justify spending close to $2k on an at-home bike. But after going through a very gloomy winter (break up + job burn out) when I saw that I could purchase a refurbished bike for just above $1k (note it only includes the bike, weights, shoes and mat must be purchased separately) I jumped on it! I thought that by cutting my workout commute to moving from my bed to the bike in my office would get me back into a groove, and I was right!

Without further a do here is my sweat rating of their cycling classes:

A couple of differences between a Peloton workout and Soulcycle:

  • Peloton uses resistance and speed ranges to build a sweat during your workout vs SoulCycle that allows you to set your own resistance
  • There is little to no choreography in Peloton classes, you are generally seated or in standing position
  • Overall the two have similar energy levels with instructor pumping you up as you go

Have I become a Peloton only cycler? Nope! I still enjoy dropping in to the occasional SoulCycle or other spin class from time to time. I do love having the bike option at home when I can’t muster the energy to bus to a studio.

Here are a couple of classes that I’ve loved:

  • 30 Min 90s ride- Kendall Toole
  • 30 Min Intervals & Arms ride- Emma Lovewell
  • 30 Min Pop ride- Cody Rigsby
  • 30 Min Hip Hop ride- Kendall Toole
  • 30 Min Broadway ride- Sam Yo

What about you? Are you a Peloton fan? And if yes, what are your favorite classes/ instructors? You can add me on Peloton @ktink