Tiny House, Big Adventure

As winter fully sets in here in Chicago you may be looking for an escape from the city; which is exactly what C and I did last year! A little over 6 months into our relationship we decided to really put it to the test and stay in a tiny house. Do people need more than 200 sq ft of space? Read on to find out!

Our tiny house was located in Charlevoix, Michigan (Airbnb link) which is all the way up in northern Michigan about a 6 hour drive from Chicago. We were so close to Canada we probably could have seen it on a super clear day.

As it was the middle of February and during Covid we decided it would be smarter to cook in the house vs trying to eat out. We stocked up on some groceries and a copious amount of beer and hit the road (shout out to Martins for having an A+ beer selection)! If you’re driving up from Chicago, I’d recommend getting an early start up as it got dark very early and we wound up driving through a blizzard to get there. We promptly cracked open a beer upon our arrival and settled into our home for the weekend. The place was very cute and of course tiny. The house was almost 2 stories with a lofted bed, eating nook and little reading nook in the corner complete with a record player 🙂

We spent our one full day in Charlevoix going snow shoeing, which neither of us had tried before. We rented snow shoes from the local ski hill and headed out to Fisherman’s Island State park to enjoy nature and the fresh snow. Snow shoeing was slightly clunky at first but I found it easier than going cross-country skiing. We got a little lost trekking around the park, we kept trying to find the beach but after hiking around for almost 2 hours it was somehow still another mile away. Despite getting lost multiple times and at least one of our snow shoes coming undone we had a great time in the snow. We did eventually wind up on a path by the lake and even saw some swans!

Pro tip: Bring a selfie stick with you, it makes it a lot easier to take photos in the cold and when your boyfriend is significantly taller 🙂

All in all it was a great weekend! The house didn’t have wifi and the cell service was pretty spotty so it was nice to spend some quality time together with no distractions. I will warn that in a house that small you can hear everything, so the illusion that girls don’t poop will be shattered 😉 I’m happy to report that C and I survived the smaller space, and while we may not stay in a tiny house again; I recommend it as a great way to bond with your partner.*

Have you spent time in a tiny house or other unique stay? Let me know below!

*note: C and I are no longer together, but I will cherish our tiny house memories 🙂